We are studying the electronic structures of new and advanced materials. We are using synchrotron radiation to perform soft x-ray emission and absorption spectroscopy of systems like biomaterials, superconductors and transition metal compounds.

Rami Hajj Hussein



  • Lebanese University, Beirut
    Physics License (2008)
  • Lebanese University, Beirut
    M2 Physics (2010)
  • University of Lorraine, France
    Ph.D. Physics (2014)
  • University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, SK
    Postdoc (Started Feb. 2015)

Research Projects

I received my PhD at the laboratory of Chimie et Physique, Approches Multi-échelles des Milieux Complexes at the University of Lorraine, France. My research during my PhD was to study the vibrational proprieties of semiconductor alloys using Raman spectroscopy (Backward and forward). I am starting as a postdoctoral fellow in the Physics and Engineering Physics department at the University of Saskatchewan. My research involves the studying of a Graphene, both theoretically and experimentally, using synchrotron radiation.


  • R. HAJJ HUSSEIN, O.Pagès, F.Firszt, W.Paszkowicz and A.Maillard
    Near-forward Raman scattering by bulk and surface phonon-polaritons in the model percolation-type ZnBeSe alloy.
    Applied Physics Letters, 103, 071912 (2013).

  • O. Pagès , R. HAJJ HUSSEIN, V.B. Torres.
    SiGe Raman spectra vs. local clustering/anticlustering: Percolation scheme and ab initio Calculations .
    Journal of Applied Physics, 114, 033513 (2013).

  • Mala N. Rao, D. Lamago, A. Ivanov, M. d’Astuto, A. V. Postnikov, R. Hajj Hussein, Tista Basak, S. L. Chaplot, F. Firszt, W. Paszkowicz, S. K. Deb, and O. Pagès.
    Lattice dynamics of the model percolation-type (Zn,Be)Se alloy: Inelastic neutron scattering, ab initio study, and shell-model calculations.
    Physical Review B, 89, 155201 (2014).

  • R. HAJJ HUSSEIN, O.Pagès , F.Firszt, Marasek, W.Paszkowicz, A.Maillard and L.Broch
    Near-forward Raman study of a phonon-polariton reinforcement regime in the Zn(Se,S) alloy.
    Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 083511(2014).